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Maintaining the highest quality of products and services for customer satisfaction is one of Viet Huong’s top priorities.


Watch the informational video below to learn more about Viet Huong, including the dedication from the Board of Directors and other interesting facts.

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Exploring the Activities of Viet Huong

Viet Huong Flavour and Fragrance Joint Stock Company have 25 years of experience in the aroma manufacturing industry, becoming the main supplier of hundreds of major brands in Vietnam. Viet Huong’s factory system is modern, preeminent, and efficient, ensuring that each product is of high quality and meets the food safety standards.


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With the ability to customize flavours, fragrances to suit each of your projects, VietHuong’s team of experts is always ready to advise you on the most suitable products.

Over 1000 businesses have partnered with Việt Hương and are currently benefiting from our collaboration!


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