About Us

Viet Huong Flavour & Fragrance JSC

Viet Huong Flavour and Fragrance Joint Stock Company is a company specialized in manufacturing food flavouring and cosmetic fragrances. We have 25 years of experience in the aroma manufacturing industry, becoming the main supplier of hundreds of major brands in Vietnam. Viet Huong’s factory system is modern, preeminent, and efficient, ensuring that each product is of high quality and meets the food safety standards.

Message From The Founder

After graduation from the University of HCMC in May 1995, I was offered an opportunity to cooperate with a Singaporean company to promote flavours & fragrances in Vietnam market. At that time, Vietnam was at the embryo-tic stage of the marketing economy, I was able to foresee a huge potential demand in the food & cosmetic industries. With a strong desire to meet the above demand in addition to my family’s most support and encouragement, and being equipped with the knowledge from the schools, I have boldly started Viet Huong Pte Ltd company as a young, enthusiastic entrepreneur.

Ms. Nguyen Thuy Quynh
Chairman & CEO

Maintaining our products’ quality & services have always been our top priority to satisfy all the customers’ demands. We never stop in investing & in upgrading new facilities, equipment & technology in order to produce best identical and suitable for the clients’ taste. With the never stop learning attitude we make an effort to attend seminars, exhibitions everywhere in the world i.e FIE, FIA, FIC… in France, UK, Germany, USA, China, Singapore, Thailand, Phillipines… Thanks to the patronage of our customers & the dedication of our staff plus best support of our suppliers especially Expressions Aromatiques from France Viet Huong has become one of the leading flavor & fragrance manufacturers in Viet Nam. We are very proud to be apart of the contribution to the growth of Vietnam flavor & fragrance industry.

Viet Huong has now an experienced and professional team of more than 150 people, one head office in Ho Chi Minh City, a branch office in Ha Noi and a factory in Long Hau Industrial Park Extended, Long An Province, and a network of warehouses in different strategic locations.

In 2017, Long Hau Factory started its operation in Long Hau Industrial Park Extended, Long An, composing of a Flavour and Seasoning Factory and also a Fragrance dilution Plant. Long Hau Factory is professionally designed and equipped with the high-quality technological machineries and equipment, which led to the achievement of the Food Safety System Certification FSSC 22000, certified by Bureau Veritas Certification.

On 15 Jul 2018, Viet Huong achieved Halal certificates in accordance with the standards of JAKIM Malaysia – MS 1500:2009 and MUI Indonesia – HAS 23000, certified by HCA Vietnam, the first and only organisation in Vietnam to have international recognition. Additionally, Viet Huong continues to be a member of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), one of the world’s largest organisations to help building the most advanced management system, working conditions, business environment.

We are very proud to have a well-resourced library with a variety of thousands of flavour and fragrance samples in order to support and provide our customers with innovative solutions quickly. We also have latest laboratories for R& D, applications, sensory… to be able to create new products to meet our customers’ growing demands. Besides, with the system of high-capacity warehouses located in many different strategic locations countrywide, we are committed to delivery the goods to our customers on the timely manner “ONE DAY DELIVERY”

We work very closely with our experts, flavorists or perfumers from France to hold many technical seminars to train and update our clients about the world trends of products and markets as well as the flavour & fragrance techniques . Consequently, we have successfully built a nationwide network of customers and sales agents from Moc Chau, Ha Noi, Vinh Phuc, Thanh Hoa, Da Nang, Nha Trang, to Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, and many other cities and provinces.

As our vision is to become one of the world-class flavour and fragrance manufacturers in Vietnam and a mission to bring the essence of our products, together with the favourable, professional, and responsive services to our customers, our team continues to make our dream come true, bringing our customers “the Flavour of Life”.

Best regards,

Core Values


Our professional team always follow and listen to the clients’ requirements. By working closely and directly with the clients, we are able to customize the reliable products satisfying their specific needs accurately and effectively.


We strictly comply with international rules and regulations regarding quality standards and safety. We always provide our clients the necessary documents regarding Food Safety required by the government authorities.


We provide the best solutions to our customers regarding quality, pricing, production techniques, delivery timeline and methods, as well as payment terms…


We can deliver both samples and goods to our clients rapidly as we have a well-resourced sample library and a system of high-capacity warehouses located in many different strategic locations i.e HCMC & Hanoi. Attentive customer service, wholeheartedly, is always our top priority.

Vision - Mission


To become one of the leading companies in flavours, fragrances, extracts and food ingredients sector in Vietnam.


To bring the customized, high-quality and safe products in our core business – flavours, fragrances, extracts and food ingredients – to our clients in a creative, professional and sustainable way.

Board Of Directors


General Director


Deputy General Director in charge of Manufacturing


Deputy General Director in charge of Sales – Marketing


Supply chain and Sales cum Internal Audit Director


Kinh Đô

“Viet Huong is the flavours supplier of Kinh Do Company for many years. On the journey of the cooperation, we highly appreciate the sales support, friendly staffs, good customer services and especially well done products. Viet Huong’s products are always met the high standard & stable quality.”

Madame Linh


“We trust and rely on Viet Huong’s products as all of their products have the certificate of origins from the European prestigious flavor manufacturers. Furthermore, Viet Huong has been always working closely with Vinamilk’s R&D Department to improve every item to meet the Food Safety and Quality requirements.”

Madame Hoa

Ms. Nguyen Thuy Quynh

BOD: General Director

  • Started her career as the Founder of Viet Huong Trading Pte. Ltd. at the age of 21, right after her graduation from University of Social Sciences and Humanities. She has been dedicated to the Company’s growth and success throughout the years.
  • Being trained by the experts in the flavour and fragrance industry from France.
  • Experienced in management and knowledgeable in the flavour and fragrance field.
  • Holding a BA degree in English from The Ho Chi Minh City University; a Trade Correspondence Certificate from Ha Noi Foreign Trade University; and a Financial and Managerial Accounting Certificate from University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Quynh is a successful business woman. She has been the founder and CEO of Viet Huong JSC. since 1995, a leading Flavor and Fragrance Company in Vietnam.
    Ms Quynh Nguyen as a dedicated and wise mother, she strongly believes that a good school with good curriculums and a vibrant learning environment is the best preparation for a child before he/she enters into a wider world and becomes a global citizen. With such a vision, together with her husband – Mr. Tuyen Nguyen, Quynh found the Renaissance International School Saigon in 2007.
  • Quynh finds herself a business woman, a greatly devoted mother for her children’s comprehensive development and an art lover. Quynh also found the Nguyen Art Foundation, an initiative dedicated to the preservation and promotion of art, both within Vietnam and abroad. Nguyen Art Foundation aims to link artists working in Vietnam with opportunities to participate in international dialogues, and assist them in navigating the global exchanges which can enrich not only their individual works and practice, but also the Vietnamese art scene as a whole.
  • Tuyen and Quynh have four children who all were studying at the Renaissance International School Saigon. Thy Nguyen (20 years old) and Duy Nguyen (17 years old) had studied at the school for 5 years before they moved to the US. The two younger boys, Chuong Nguyen and Kha Nguyen, are studying in Primary classes in this dynamic and excellent school.

Mr. Leong Kok Wai

BOD: Deputy General Director in charge of Manufacturing

  • Being trained by the experts in the flavour and fragrance industry from France.
  • Having many years working experience in the flavour and fragrance industry.
  • Responsible for managing and production at the factory.
  • Singaporean

Mr. Duong Van Tien

BOD: Deputy General Director in charge of Sales – Marketing

  • Being trained by the experts in the flavour and fragrance industry from France.
  • Having many years working experience in the flavour and fragrance industry.
  • Has been working at Viet Huong JSC for more than 24 years.
  • Experienced in sales and knowledgeable in the flavour and fragrance field.


BOD: Supply chain and Sales cum Internal Audit Director

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration
  • Has been associated with Viet Huong Company for over 20 years
  • Possesses many years of experience in supply chain and sales in the flavor industry