Quality Assurance

Our Food Safety Policies

The General Director has announced the Food Safety Policies. It will be the – Company’s orientation and be strictly followed by all employees.

  • Commitment to providing safe food flavouring & powder flavour to the market.
  • Keep researching market needs to meet customer requirements and meet the requirements of the Food Safety Policies.
  • To ensure absolute food safety assurance. Ensure the exchange of information within the company is thorough, timely and accurate.
  • Commitment to continuous development, implementation, maintenance and improvement of the Food Safety Management System

This policy is disseminated and strictly complied throughout our Company.

Quality Aim

  • To decrease the percentage of returned goods as well as the customers’ complaints about the goods quality to less than 2%.
  • To study and have a thorough knowledge of market’s demands and taste. To ensure absolute food safety assurance.
  • To ensure all of our staffs to be well-trained and maintain a high level of awareness on food safety.
  • To ensure the Food Safety Policies be disseminated and well explained throughout the Company.

Quality Certificates

FSSC 22000
FSSC 22000 Certification: lFSSC 22000 is a certification of the Food Safety Certification Association for food production and processing units throughout the food supply chain. FSSC 22000 is a combination of ISO 22000 and PAS 220 + additional requirements, and is an equally recognised standard that replaces the standards previously employed by GFSI such as BRC, IFS, SQF, GLOBAL GAP, BAP …
Besides the Food Safety Certificate issued by the Vietnam’s Ministry of Health, we are proud that Viet Huong factory gained FSSC 22000.

Certificate of Food Safety Conditions
Food Safety System Certification 22000


Halal Certification
Halal Certification: Is a certification that certifies that the products of the manufacturing enterprises do not use the Haram components, thereby confirming that the enterprise is eligible for Halal production, providing Halal products recognised by the Islam community and can be exported to Muslim markets.

Halal certificate
Halal certificate

Sedex: Is the largest cooperative association for sharing information on ethical practices and social responsibility in the supply chain. Sedex is an innovative and efficient supply chain management solution that helps to reduce risk, protect the reputation of the company and improve supply chain operations.