Research & Development

The heart of our business philosophy

To create and bring the most genuine & identical flavours and fragrances which is safe and suitable to our clients

To bring the highest quality, professional, and responsive services to our clients

To make Viet Huong the most well-known trademark in the flavour and fragrance industry in Vietnam.


In the flavour industry, the most important and most groundbreaking stages of the product is the process of researching & developing new products.

With the motto of bringing customers the best ideas and product platforms, Viet Huong has a creative, experienced R&D team with modern equipment such as sterilizing equipment, assimilation machines, CO2 saturation machines, ice cream machines, toasters… to create new products according to customers’ requirements. Our products range from sweet flavours (cakes, candies, soft drinks …) to savoury flavours (instant noodles, snacks …), fragrances…

Besides satisfying the customers’ request, we’re proud that we can self-research new product lines to introduce to customers, helping customers create new trends in the market. We also coordinate closely with the partner Expressions Aromatiques in France to update the new products, new trends in the world market.

Viet Huong always welcomes to the customer’s R&D department to visit, exchange ideas, share experiences and together create the best products to keep up with the progress that the customer desires.


Our Board of Directors and Sales Department acts to ensure the quality of the flavours and fragrances in our samples before sending them out to customers. Our goal is to provide the best quality fragrance & flavour samples that perfectly cater to the tastes of our customers. We endeavour to work closely with our valued customers to improve samples in existing projects as well as developing new exciting ideas that best cater to the market’s needs.


Together with experts from different flavour & fragrance companies around the world, we continue to build a library of abundant and distinctive flavour & fragrance formulas to the tastes of our customers. We bring the quintessence of life into our products, creating new and outstanding products in the market.

Our teams operate a highly responsive preparation and dispatch system, guaranteeing you professional quality product samples delivered quickly and securely.

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