Scents and emotions

Creativity and know-how

Talent, experience and technical expertise, based on the superior quality of our raw materials, allow our perfumers to fully express their creativity and their originality, especially thanks to the skillful incorporation of captive molecules.

Understanding, strong reactivity, flexibility and confidentiality are our core values insuring an interactive and productive human partnership with our customers.

Our Commercial and Marketing Department works in close collaboration with the R&D laboratories in order to stimulate creativity and innovation, drawing observations from consumer behaviour as well as experience and knowledge gained from Viet Nam markets.

Evaluation and Marketing

A good knowledge of trends in different markets, a professional evaluation in our reference bases for compounds are the insurance for success that Viet Huong puts at your disposal to precisely answer your requests and assist you in every step of your projects.
Using our modern application laboratory and extensive testing programs, Viet Huong is able to offer stable fragrance creations, dedicated to specific segments, that will provide optimum performance

Through olfactory panels, trend analysis, targeted presentations and concept developments, Viet Huong helps you to understand the different geographical markets, but also the multiple application market segments (Air care, cosmetics, etc.) in order to anticipate tomorrow’s trends.


Viet Huong is a leading professional company in the Vietnam market for supplying fragrances in the cosmetics industry. With a spacious factory of 10,000 square meters, Viet Huong has the capacity to produce up to 10 tons of fragrance per day. The company is well-equipped with modern production facilities and advanced technologies, enabling them to provide high-quality fragrance products to ourcustomers. Viet Huong’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has established its reputation as a top provider of fragrance ingredients for the cosmetics industry in Vietnam.

Viet Huong uses all the creativity of its perfumers to combine the realities of the market, your expectations, and the inner share of dream of our industry.

Fragrances are used in cosmetic, skincare, and makeup products such as body wash and shampoo, sunscreen, foundation and primer, eye and lip cosmetics, and hand, foot, and body creams…

Viet Huong provides fragrances for personal care products such as shampoo, soap, hair care products, and body odor eliminators…

Air-fresheners products that often use fragrances include scented candles, room sprays, fragrance diffusers, scented wax melts, and sachets…

The fragrances are used for household products such as fabric softeners, hand wash, dishwashing liquid, glass cleaners, cleaning products, and odor eliminators for the home…

Viet Huong provides fragrances for various industries such as household appliances, wood processing, chemical production, petroleum, fertilizers, waste, cleaning agents, packaging, plant protection, hygiene products, colorants, dyeing, and other heavy industries.

Below we present a few fragrances ideas

Acidic means a fragrance note that smells sharp and somewhat pungent.
Acidic notes may help boost a citrus note or impart natural qualities.

Aldehydes vary: the more diluted they become, the greater the difference in smell. An overarching description is one of clean ironed linen. Aldehydes can be split into more specific profiles, such as citrus or ozonic. They are organic compounds found in natural oils (e.g. orange oil or rose oil) and are used at relatively low doses.

Amber is used to describe a complex note in fragrances that are a mixture of warm, woody and sweet notes that impart a rich and  comforting character.

Animal-like notes are important notes used in perfumery. They do not come from animals, but are created to give what some would see as a faecal note or a musk note. In dilution they might help impart musk notes or floral notes like jasmin.

Anisic materials are those that smell similar to natural aniseed materials like tarragon or fennel.

Aromatic notes are complex notes that are sometimes also described as having a diffusive aroma. They may be recognized in cooking as culinary herbs and spices, but they have a full fragrance quality.

Ingredients that smell balsamic tend to have a delicate smell that is slightly sweet and woody, and have been termed using natural resins and balsams exuded by some trees or shrubs.

A fresh, strong and diffusive smell that is characterized by natural camphor and other herbs such as rosemary or marjoram.

Citrus notes are given by the smell of fruit from the citrus family – such as orange, lemon or grapefruit.

Earthy notes are reminiscent of earth and mud. They are important when creating a fragrance that needs to impart the full character of a living flower or to give natural outdoor notes – allowing the creation of full landscape (e.g. a bed of roses on a wet day) as opposed to a single or specific smell.

Floral notes belong to the large floral family that includes notes such as rose, jasmin, narcissus and others. Some fragrance materials have smells that are not one flower but multi-faceted, with a complex flowery character.

Food-like describes food substances of a savoury or less specific character – such as the smell of roasted vegetables.

Fruity notes belong to the non-citrus fruit family. This is a very large family that includes many fruit notes such as banana, apple and mango. Some fruit fragrance materials have smells that are not one fruit but multi-faceted, with a complex fruity character.

This very important fragrance group has been popular for a number of years – with a food-like smell that is sweet, sticky, or dessert-like. It includes caramel, fudge, chocolate and meringue.

Green is a broad descriptor that refers simply to those natural smell that are green – such as the distinctive scent of cut grass, hedgerow fruits flowers, and those green notes and many green materials that help impart natural smells in a more complex accord or mix of scents.

Herbal notes include culinary herbs (e.g. thyme, rosemary) that often have a green note and impart fresh nuances to a complex fragrance.

Honey is used to describe materials that have honey characteristics – often sweet and cloying, but sometimes quite harsh and acidic.

Marine covers smells that you expect to fine at the seashore – they tend to be fresh and sometimes ozonic, and often sea water-like.

These materials impart mint or menthol notes reminiscent of peppermint and spearmint.

These materials belong to an important fragrance note – while they are not obtained from animals, they are created to have an animal-like quality, often powdery and sometimes warm and sweet.

Ozonic notes are fresh-smelling materials that don’t have a more specific note but may remind you of a fresh windy day. Sometimes they have a weak, almost chlorine-like smell.

Powdery fragrance ingredients are from a larger complex group that impart a warm, sometimes sweet or musky powdery smell.

These ingredients have a smoked or phenolic quality, reminding you of the smell from a bonfire or the smell of food burning.

These ingredients belong to a broad spicy family, characterized by many spicy notes from cinnamon to other culinary spices such as pepper, nutmeg and clove. They sometimes have a sweet note and impart warm nuances to a complex fragrance.

Sulfurous materials have a distinctive smell, reminiscent of onion or garlic. Some sulfur materials may be very pungent and unpleasant at high levels, but when used in a fragrance they may impart citrus or floral notes.

These ingredients are created to give an smell of tobacco before it has been lit or smoked. They tend to be sweet and warm notes, sometimes with the smell of dried fruit.

Woody notes are party of a large odor family that includes woods such as sandalwood or cedarwood, sometimes with smoky or leather nuances. Often warm and dry notes, they impart a rich complexity that can help a fragrance last longer.

Viet Huong Company has the ability to customize and develop fragrances products according to the specific requirements of each customer, meeting the characteristics and special demands. We are committed to providing optimal and high-quality fragrances solutions to meet the diversity and strictness of the market and customers.

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