Fragrances For Other Industrial Sectors

Fragrances For Other Industrial Sectors

As a passionate and experienced fragrance specialist, Viet Huong continuously expands its research and development efforts to provide innovative fragrance solutions across diverse industrial sectors, including water-based paints, lubricants, incense, and wet wipes.

Sourcing high-quality raw materials from France, we meticulously craft distinctive fragrances tailored to the unique characteristics of each product. For water-based paints, our fragrances impart a pleasant ambiance, mitigating the pungent odors during application. In lubricants and greases, our safe and effective fragrance additives effectively mask unpleasant scents. For incense and smudging products, captivating botanical or sophisticated synthetic fragrance blends cultivate a relaxing atmosphere. In wet wipes, our fragrances infuse a refreshing and hygienic sensation post-use.

Driven by our commitment to enhancing user experiences, Viet Huong remains at the forefront of fragrance innovation, continually refining and developing diverse, high-quality fragrance solutions across numerous industrial domains, adding value to our partners’ products through the power of scent and our French-inspired expertise.

Some Applications:


Wet Wipes

Develop your men's fragrances products with Viet Huong.

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