Yeast Extracts

What is Yeast Extract

Yeast extract is derived from fresh yeast. Yeast is truly a natural all-rounder, and essential for the production of common foods such as bread, beer and wine. This same yeast forms the basic ingredient for yeast extract.
Yeast extract is a rich blend of natural components that takes advantage of the various vitamins and proteins that yeast delivers. It is produced without the use of synthetic additives or chemical substances.
Experienced food producers appreciate and use yeast extract, because of its natural and unique taste providing characteristics

Which products contain yeast extract?

Yeast extract is used in the majority of savoury products available in supermarkets. It provides taste to many sauces (soy sauces, fish sauces…), meat products, ready-made meals and savoury snacks.

Application in the production of soy sauce

1. Uses:

  • Enhances the natural flavor of soy sauce.
  • Unlike MSG and I + G, Yeast Extract gives the sweetness of protein while staying in the mouth for a long time.
  • Unlike maggi, Yeast Extract amplifies the natural flavor of soy sauce. So, soy sauce uses Yeast Extract for as long as delicious.
    In addition, Yeast Extract further improves the nutritional components of soy sauce such as minerals, amino acids, vitamins….

Yeast Extract can withstand temperatures up to 1800C.

Comparison table of ingredients when using Yeast Extract and not using Yeast Extract in soy sauce production:

Ingredients additive for 1,000 liters of finished soy sauce

Traditionally produced without using Yeast Extract

When using Yeast Extract FL / 1015

Yeast Extract


1.5 – 2.5kg (depending on cost)


7kg MSG (1kg I+G)

3.5 – 5.0kg MSG (0,3–0,5 kg I+G) (decrease 30-50%)

Magi flavor (other flavor)


0,15 – 0.25kg (decrease 50-70%)

Sugar and other additives

1 unit

» 0,5 unit (decrease 50%)

2. Using:

  • Put Yeast Extract into soy sauce mixture after oil cake hydrolysis, in the mixing phase of flavor enhancer (about 1.5 to 2.5 kg for 1000 liters of soy sauce). Then pasteurize and bottled.
  • Yeast Extract is also used very well for the production of soy sauce by fermentation. It promotes fermentation, overcoming the disadvantages of the taste of soy sauce produced by this route.
  • Yeast Extract uses such as improving the quality of soy sauce flavor and nutritional ingredients, and food safety.
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