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Beverages Flavours

Emulsions and clouding agents for carbonated soft drinks and non-carbonated beverages such as orange, lemon, cola, etc.
Liquid flavours for fruit juices, noncarbonated drinks, jellies, jelly drinks, coconut jellies, energy drinks, etc.
Powdered flavours for instant beverages such as instant coffee or tea, etc.
Flavours for alcoholic drinks such as liqueurs, spirits, beer, cocktail, etc.

Dairy Products & Ice Cream Flavours

Flavours for pasteurized and UHT milk.
Flavours for stirred, set and drinking yoghurts, etc.
Flavours for dairy desserts such as custards, mousses, and gelatin desserts, etc.
Flavours for butter and cheese products and margarine, etc.
Flavours for powdered milk, nutritious powders, sweetened condensed milk, etc.
Flavours for ice-cream and sorbets, etc.


Confectionary & Biscuits Flavours

Heat-resistant flavours for hard candies, soft candies, jellied sweets, chewy candies, lollipops, etc.
Flavours for chewing gum and bubble-gum, etc.
Flavours for chocolate products including confectionary and coatings, etc.
Heat-resistant flavours for both dough and filling for biscuits, creamy biscuits, waffles, crackers, cakes, fresh breads, etc.
Flavours for moon cakes.

Viet Huong cung cap huong lieu cho san pham banh keo

Coffee Flavours

Liquid and powdered coffee flavours for coffee products such as roasted and ground coffee, instant coffee including 100% coffee, 2-in-1 coffee and 3-in-1 coffee, and other canned coffee drinks, etc.