Meat and Poultry Extracts

Meat and Poultry Extracts

What we have

The types of natural extracts liquid, powder and become thicker to create protein and taste delicious, attractive products instant noodles, snacks, meat products, canned sauces, sauces , soy sauce, fish sauce

Some Applications

Meat extract is a common flavoring additive for canned meat items, snacks, instant noodles, pot pies and other items where meat flavoring improves the products. The flavor of meat extract makes it a desirable additive to a variety of products. The percentage of meat extract needed for flavoring varies widely, depending upon the food to which it is being added, but generally falls in the range 5–25%.

Its desirable flavor and aroma may enhance the flavor of some products at even lower concentrations.

Although yeast extract is used as a substitute, chefs and food connoisseurs prefer the characteristic flavor and aroma that meat extract imparts to other foods