Working environment at Viet Huong

– A company that is dynamic, professional, friendly, cooperative, unified and motivated.

– A company that encourages and supports the continuous development of the employees’ skills and knowledge. We cooperate with foreign experts to organize trainings for all employees on any new products.

– We implement ERP software system that simplifies everyone’s tasks. Salary and bonuses

– Salary system is built based on each employee’s responsibility and the results he/she produces.

– After each working year, each employee’s performance will be revaluated to be a basis for his/her salary increase.

– Besides, we have a bonus system, including bonuses for Public holidays and Chinese New Year (Tet), and mainly bonuses based on employees’ performance.

Social insurance

– We fully comply with the current law on social insurance and medical insurance for all employees.

– Besides, employees also receive other benefits such as maternity and severance allowance in accordance with the current law.

Other benefits

– Annual health check-up.

– Allowances for lunch, telephone, and traveling.

– Gifts for birthdays, Women’s day